Searching through a wide range of TV stands should not make the selection process complicated and tricky. It is all about planning , measurement and searching untill you locate the right piece .

TV Width & Size of the TV Stand.

If you can figure out the exact width of your TV , you will be able to locate a perfect sized TV stand. The dimension of your TV will provide the best indication regarding the size of the TV stand. The TV you select should be able to handle both the width and weight of your TV . A stand that is smaller or equal to the size of the TV screen can pose safety risks.

Large TV stands can be a perfect choice if your screen size is large than 60″ and you have plenty of space available in the living area. Large TV stands do offer storage space as well like drawers, cupboards and shelves.

Medium TV stands can be perfect choice if you want to make the most of available space. They are not only suitable for living room but can also utilized in family or game rooms.

Small TV stands are perfect choice , if you have small space and can be a good option for bedroom or children’s room.

If you want to save further space , then Corner TV stands can be the best option. They are often termed as ” brilliant space-savers” . If you want to make the most of your space in a room , then Corner TV cabinets is the preferred option.

A consistent height

When placed on the stand , the TV should be positioned around the eye level of those watching on couches or chairs in the room. The will help prevent unnecessary neck strain.

Match The rest of furniture

Your TV stand should not be at odd with the rest of furniture in the room . It is not mandatory to find an exact match with the current furniture however you should locate one that will be a complement.


Function TV stands now a days are versatile , they can have several functions they can be used for storage purposes , styling ,holding decorative items, holding media essentials etc. So you have to be crystal clear about what other purposes you want the TV stand to serve apart from holding TV.

Your Budget

TV stands are similar to other pieces of furniture , there are really expensive one’s with added functionalities and there are cost effective one’s that can preform the basic function. You should have a budget in place and keep an eye on discount offers in your local stores and online shops.

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