Basement renovation ideas

The type and scope of a renovation project in the basement varies between homeowners. Some people are renovating their basements to make the area a comfortable living space, while others are renovating the basement to increase the resale value of their properties. You will need to invest some time, money and effort into your basement renovation. You also need to develop and implement a comprehensive plan in order to design a perfect basement. Once you have a plan in place, you can also implement it by hiring commercial basement renovation services. However, the plan should include some ideas for transforming your basement into a comfortable living space.

Level the floors

When renovating a basement, you need to make sure that the floor is relatively flat. If there are large differences in height, you can consider digging the floor or installing a floating floor on top. Digging the soil often takes more time and resources. But the project will facilitate the creation of additional space between the basement ceiling and the floor. On the other hand, it is necessary to install a floor that complements the use of the basement. If the concrete floor is made correctly, you can consider using laminate flooring. You can also use natural stone and ceramic tiles to keep the floor spotless.

Keep the area moist

Often the pleasant and comfortable environment in the basement is affected by humidity. If the area is damp, check the source of moisture. You can easily block moisture by adding insulating walls. However, you can also consider repairing cracks in the foundation and walls to prevent moisture from penetrating the area. The wall can also be painted with a vapor barrier that already contained insulation. Once you recognize how moisture gets into the area and troubleshoot it, it will be easier for you to keep the living space comfortable.

Design the rooms according to your needs: If you plan to use the basement regularly, it is important to design the rooms after its use. Normally, the area should have a bedroom and bathroom if you want to expand the living space. However, the room must be large enough for decorations, supplies and toys if you want to use the area as a games room or media room. If there is enough space, you need to add a bathtub. Otherwise, you can build a bathtub to make the area comfortable for your family members.

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