Backyard pool safety tips

When owning or managing a backyard pool, safety should be a priority. Too many young children drown and get injured in backyard pools. However, backyard pools are a source of many other accidents and injuries to adolescents and adults. Let’s see how you can improve the safety of your pool to protect your family and friends.

Update your pool fences

Many local authorities require that new and existing pools be completely fenced. This requirement applies to all pool owners, regardless of whether small children live in the home.

If you are building a new pool or already have an existing pool, you should verify that you follow the latest rules for pool fencing in your area. If you need to build a new fence or upgrade an existing shelter, the pool fence is the two main options. Choose an aluminum construction and tempered safety glass.

More and more people are choosing glass barriers because they are aesthetically pleasing and provide an unobstructed view of the backyard and beyond. These barriers are suitable for modern or contemporary homes, especially when looking into the backyard. A glass roof really adds value to your home.

Aluminum fences are cheaper than glass, but still offer the highest level of backyard security. These fences are easy to install and you can do it yourself.

2. Ground your pool electrically

Pools are a large body of water that can conduct electricity. If there is an electrical fault in the pool that causes electrical current, the metal structures around the pool can become conductive. A person can receive an electric shock from all metal structures around the pool, including railings, ladders, lamps and protective fences.

When installing a new metal pool safety fence, the pool fence can be grounded in accordance with electrical safety standards. Homeowners should contact their local licensed electrical contractor if their pool needs fencing or grounding.

3. Attach the sink lid

Pool protection is not just about keeping leaves out of your pool. A blanket that prevents a person from falling into the water provides the highest level of safety for your family. These protections are expensive but they prevent a child from drowning in your pool.

4. Cover the whirlpool or jacuzzi

There may be no fencing requirement for hot tubs or spas in your local government. However, you need to cover these spas with a childproof platform to keep young children out of the water. Most newer hot tubs are sold with a childproof top or platform that is permanently mounted on top of the tub or spa. A separate protection can be purchased for existing hot tubs and hot tubs.

5. Install the pool alarm
An electronic pool alarm alerts you when someone or something enters your pool water. Pool alarm is not just for families with children. Households with the elderly, people with physical or mental disabilities and pets should install a pool alarm to protect those at risk of accidents.

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